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Membership Fees
How to Join
Ottawa Masters Rules

Ottawa Masters Membership Fees 2020

Ottawa Masters Association Membership Fee: FREE
race entry fees, you have two options -

To Race with the Masters you must be over 18 years of age.
All racers must pay the race entry fee.
All racers must buy a lift ticket. Lift tickets are available at the registration for $20.

Never Raced with the Ottawa Masters Before?

No Problem. Just show up at the registration desk and say "I'm new and I'd like to race tonight"
That's as simple as it gets. You will be required to sign the waiver, pay the Race entry fee, and the lift ticket.
You will be assigned a Bib. You are required to return the bib at the end of the evening.

How To Join

  1. Come to the Open House night
  2. Come out to the Pre_Season open house night. We will be there with applications in hand. Occurs in November. See Calendar for time and dates. Bring a cheque, bring a friend.

  3. Just show up at race night!
  4. Its as simple as that. Just show up to one of our races, approach the registration desk and say, "I'd like to join".

    Showing up with money in hand would be nice

    Show up early. You'll need to sign the appropriate waiver, fill in the membership application, get your bib and Go Racing!

    Wednesday Night registration opens at 6:15 pm and closes at 7:15. Races start at 7:30 sharp.


    We race a circuit at local hills, check the schedule to see we are. Maps to the local resorts can be found in their own web pages. Check the links page for their webs.

Our Ottawa Masters Rules

Rule Violation Rule

Any member caught to be in violation of Our Rules, will be subject to the ancient and disgusting ordeal of Ugga-Bugga

Pre Course Inspection

Every competitor must properly inspect the course start to finish prior to racing. Inspecting the course from the lodge, chair lift, or from the start hut is not good form.
You may only side slip the course during inspection.
Do not ski the course during inspection. Running even a few gates is not allowed and cause for disqualification.
Shadowing or high speed inspection through the course is not allowed and cause for disqualification, for reasons of both fairness and safety.
Free skiing inside the designated Race zone is forbidden


If you lose a ski, you may not continue. Move as far away from the track as possible and Exit the course safely.
If you miss a gate and don't hike back, you are disqualified and may not continue to ski the course. Exit the course and do not cross finish line.
If you miss a gate and hike back, you must give way to the next racer.
If you finish and think you straddled or missed a gate, it is your responsibility to make that declaration to the timer - course crew or to Dominique/Sophie, and self disqualify.

Help Teardown

Every member shall assist in the teardown of the course at the nights end.

Start Order

We always race in order of Bib Number. Lowest bibs go first.

Third Run

The third run is always an option. It will be run at the discretion of the Starter and Course crew based on course conditions and time availability

Speed Suit Rule

When the ambient temperature at the time of registration drops below -20 C, the use of speed suits shall be banned. Dress warmly.

Race Cancellation - Weather

Race will be cancelled if, at 15h00 on the day of the race, Environment Canada posts an ambient temperature of -25C (or lower) at the environment Canada Web site ( web site HERE ).
Races may be cancelled due to inclimate weather.
Most definitely cancelled if the hill is closed.
Race cancellation notices will be posted on Facebook, emailed out and tweeted. It is the responsibility of the racer to check these sources on race day - Especially if the weather looks iffy. Cancellation notices will Not be posted on the web site.

Helmet Rule

All competitors must wear a helmet for all events.
You will not be allowed to start if you are not wearing a helmet.
Usual excuses, like I forgot it at home, will be ignored.
It will be reasonable however, to Beg, Borrow or Bribe a helmet from a fellow competitor. The rules do not specify who's helmet you must wear, only that a helmet must be worn. It will be considered good technique to inform said fellow competitor of your intentions to use their helmet before skiing off on your run.

Helmet Rule 2a

You must wear a helmet on your head. Wearing your helmet on your elbow or on your knee, will be grounds for imposition of the Rule Violation Rule.

Ski Length Rules

Ottawa Masters does not enforce FIS ski length rules. Run what you brung.
Ski length rules are almost certain to be observed at the FIS and National events. Check with local race rules.

Course setting

The general guideline is that courses should be set for the typical, good, 45 year-old racer, and be such that a 70 year-old racer can negotiate it safely.
Flowing and rhythmical courses should be set close to the fall line, avoiding pitfalls.

Set open, rhythmic courses with the aim to avoid too many falls.

Avoid extreme speed, risky jumps and undulating courses, and take particular notice of dangerous areas and a safe finish area run-out.
Try to avoid blind gates.

Finish Area:
Should be cordoned off and ideally a coral set up.

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